Customer Spotlight

Innovative Canadian Company Poised to Reduce Wait-Time for Blood Test Results

KITCHENER, Ontario, April 23, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A world-class technology innovator, P&P Optica of Kitchener, Ontario, stepped onto the world stage with the announcement of a Canadian government loan of $1.3 million CAD to support further development of its disruptive spectroscopy technology for the use in reagent-free blood analysis. According to P&P Optica's President and CEO, Olga Pawluczyk, "the potential for savings, in both time and money, to the health care sector are astounding."

Spectrometers are highly specialized devices used to measure the chemical composition of unknown substances. P&P Optica's spectrometers provide a more detailed and precise analysis in much smaller concentrations than any other optical spectrometer currently on the market. These instruments have a wide variety of biomedical and industrial applications.