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Business is at a crossroads.  Technology is changingso quickly and business methods that worked for years have lost some of their effectiveness.  Today the buzzwords social media, web 2.0, Twitter, Linkedin and all these new technologies can be confusing, time consuming and sometimes frightening for the business owner.  There are many opinions on what you should do to build a social media presence, yet most companies are sitting on the fence, paralyzed because of lack of knowledge and information. 

At eLead, our core business is sales growth and lead generation.  We understand your need to drive sales and build your business.  From our perspective, the biggest challenge that social media presents is time and understanding.  We want to help you better understand the tools so you can engage with customers, build better relationships and sell.

How can we help? 

Consulting Services 

We work with businesses to identify and create an effective strategy that aligns social media with your current sales model.  Here are some steps we use:
  • Understanding your Business - What are your goals?  Who are your existing customers?  What is your value proposition?  How are you currently selling, marketing and reaching customers?  What is working for you?  Where do you need help?
  • Develop a Project Plan for Social Media – Based on your business needs, some of these may include: incorporating listening technologies, blogging, developing communities or using Twitter, Linkedin, or Facebook. 
  • Execute on the Project Plan – We provide workshops or hands on support. 

 Workshops: (Social Media 101)

 Topics can be customized to fit your business:     
  • Blogging for Business - Delivering added value for your customers
  • Using Twitter, Linkedin to engage and find new customers
  • Developing effective listening strategies using social media
  • Integrating Sales & Customer Service with Social Media
  • Developing an Effective Social Presence for your Business
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