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More than Generating Leads

Much of the buzz around managing a successful business revolves around ways to generate more leads and the strategy to close business. Yet according to estimates between 40 & 80% of sales leads are lost somewhere in the sales cycle......

According to the Yankee Group, an independent research firm, a typical company loses between 40 and 80 percent of sales leads somewhere during the sales cycle. When leads do make it into your pipeline, most often there is no way to track them back to any of your marketing campaigns and thus no way to measure there cost effectiveness.

Effective lead nurturing results in more sales—up to 300% more sales from leads you’ve already purchased. By carefully tending to leads that your salespeople may be ignoring today, you can make a great deal more money and receive a far better return on your marketing investment. In a cool market, nurturing leads can mean the difference between going under and record profitability. In a hot market, it means crushing your competition.