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Closing the Gap: The Sales and Marketing Alignment Imperative.

This report carries on the theme of the continuous lack of consistency in perspective between companies and customers. Companies think they found their customers, but customers insist the opposite. Companies think customers defect over price, but twice as many customers say they leave because service is lacking.

There seems to be a lot of difference in belief going on these days. Let's take a look at the dichotomy between sales and marketing in the CMO Council report:

Salespeople think:

  • marketers don't understand the customer & market environment
  • marketers don't effectively support sales efforts
  • most marketing collateral is useless
  • they are indispensable [yes it's really in there]

Marketers think:

  • salespeople undermine their efforts at consistent messaging
  • salespeople's lack of consistency undermines brand
  • salespeople fail to leverage the qualified leads they generate