eLead Announces Partnership with Anything4a€uro

March 2007 

Anything4a€uro (UK, Italy) and eLead Inc. (North America) today announced a North American and European joint technology and services exchange programme. Besides developing services for each others customer base, each is planning to develop markets in the other's country of residence.

Marc LaCoste, President of eLead Inc., was quoted as saying "The partnership with Anything4a€uro is a strategic alliance that will benefit both companies by providing an instant global presence”

Geoff Worsley, Owner, Anything4a€uro, said "We see a synergy between the two organisations working well across international boundaries. Anything4aEuro is geared specifically towards providing technical services to Partner's of Software Developers and eLead Inc. focuses on sales prospecting for organisations in the IT Industry."

eLead Inc. has grown into a vibrant sales consulting organisation that continues to provide sales growth & expertise to the high-tech community. In addition they continue to expand their network by recruiting the professionals and partners throughout Canada, the United States, South America and Europe.

Anything4a€uro. An international organisation bringing to the market place a unique set of skills backed up by organisations who are able to deliver what the customer wants, when they want it and how they want it. Anything4a€uro is based in the UK and Italy with offices in America and Australia. For more information visit www.anything4aeuro.com.