Trade Show ROI

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Trade Shows can be a costly proposition. The key reason why companies attend trade shows is to prospect for new business. Unfortunately, studies have shown that 80% of trade show opportunities are never properly managed and even worse, lost as a lead.

You may know the scenario; you spend months planning the logistics of the tradeshow, organizing the correct people and carefully crafting your message. Compounded by the fact that you spend thousands of dollars on marketing and swag. Sometimes if you’re lucky you even get to attend the actual event.

After all is said and done and you add up the costs & effort, you now wonder what your return will be on this investment? How do you measure success? Perhaps it’s the validation from your colleagues who attended? We have all heard “yah it was a great show and we had a lot of traffic”. BUT, how does that translate into real $$$ value? Does your company have the tools and resources to capture how many leads came from that show? Most companies stop at that, they track how many leads came from the event but never map how many of those were followed up on and translated into actual sales.

We at elead offer a complete ‘Tradeshow Lead Management’ solution. For a world re-known digital presentation company, we focused on developing a pre and post lead management strategy for each event. We achieved the goal to provide 100% follow-up on all leads captured from each trade show and maximized conversion from suspect to prospect. The result was a 40% conversion of suspects to highly qualified sales opportunities. Can you afford not to fill the void?